Hire Vizon Media today for xHTML CSS coding and/or integration services!

Does VizonMedia guarantee tabeless and valid XHTML/CSS designs?

Yes! Vizon Media adheres to all industry standards including valid XHTML/CSS and tabless coding.

Does VizonMedia code in programs such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage?

No, all of the work done at VizonMedia is custom coded by our team of expert coders. Custom coding has many benefits ranging from minimizing the code used to making it more SEO friendly.

How much do you charge for coding?

Prices vary per design complexity and depending on what other extras are needed. VizonMedia guarantees your design will be coded to the highest of standards. Our expert team of coders will ensure your design is coded to pass the strict standards put in place by the World Wide Wide Consortium (W3C). By doing this VizonMedia ensures your design will render and display properly in all off the major browsers irrespective of operating system.

Does VizonMedia design?

Our sister site, McAurie handles all aspects of web design. McAurie also offers a comprehensive range of web development services.

What is McAurie?

VizonMedia is a wholly owned subsidary of McAurie which is a web development specialist company.

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